Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Online AA Serices/ Recovery Assistance

Offering A Helping Hand To Those Wanting, Looking For, or In Need of Sobriety or Recovery!!!

  This is a Secret Online Group so All Info Is Seen Only By Members Of Group also, Group Members CANNOT Be Seen from Outside of... Permission Will Be Sent Upon  Request and Confidential!!!

We Are Interested and Looking Forward To Your Membership, Wether Your Needing Help, Or Can Offer Help, We Welcome You And Will See You," Get In The ACT Of Rcovery!!!)

Here At...
RanzACT's Online AA Services/ Recovery Assistance

Hope You Enjoyed The Info!!! Please, Feel Free To Leave A Comment And Tell Us What You Thought... We'd Appreciate It!!! Thank You!!!
RanzACT, (Randy Jr Freeman)

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